A Mad Man with a Box

Took this photo with my phone, as I was waiting for the camera to finish taking a long exposure shot. The music is an extended version of the theme “A Mad Man with a Box” from the original score for the TV show Doctor Who. It’s quite a masterpiece.

Swiss Farms

Took this on a train from Lausanne to Martigny at sunset. August 2013.


Taken on the way to the Niderhorn peak at the north west of the town Interlaken in Switzerland, looking south towards the town itself, Lake Thun (Thunersee), and the high peaks (4000 meters and more) of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, which are the three peaks visible in the distance, from left to right. This is…

Sparkling Gold

Taken at English Bay, Vancouver, in late summer 2013. English Bay is connected to the Strait of Georgia, which connects to the Pacific Ocean.

Justis Valley

The Justis valley (original German name: Justistal) in Switzerland, as seen from the Niederhorn at 1950 meters elevation.

Lake Geneva at Dusk

Lake Geneva at dusk, as seen from the town of Montreux in Switzerland, looking south. The border with France passes through the middle part of the mountains seen in the background and through the lake. This is the combination of 6 long exposure (30 seconds) photos. Imaginion turns 2 today, so I thought I would…

To Infinity and Beyond

I’ve done quite a few star trail photos, including some with much longer trails (more than 3 hours of exposure). For some reason though, none came out quite as colourful and exciting as this one (at least to my eyes) with only about half an hour of exposure. I especially like the blue light. The…

Deep Silver

There is no wound that time cannot heal, except for the ones it creates. download: Live or Die by Jamin Winans on The Grey – Original Soundtrack


Taken from the Oberilzmühle dam (Stausee Oberilzmühle) in Passau, Germany, looking north. This is a combination of 6 shots, leading to close to 160 degrees of viewing angle.

Spectacular Green

Taken from the Kahlenberg hill at the north west of Vienna, Austria.

Lonely Cabin

Capilano Lake, located near North Vancouver, British Columbia, on a cool winter dusk. download: Sequoia by Mehdi on Instrumental Odyssey Volume 2


Love it when light shafts form at sunset like that. The mountains with their varying shades of haziness made the scene all the more beautiful. Took this somewhere between Kashan and Qom in Iran, on my way to Tehran. Can’t remember the exact location though.

Trapped in Time

For a smooth playback, you need to wait for the animation to load completely (6.1 MB).

After the Storm

Took this on my way to Tehran (Iran) from Isfahan, near the city of Kashan, in May 2013.

Dark and Bright 8: Vancouver at Dusk

Downtown Vancouver at dusk on a beautiful Winter evening in February 2013. This is 4 photos stitched together to achieve the extra wide angle. This photo of mine was voted up in interfacelift.com.

Porto at Sunset

An evening in Porto in early October 2012. I took this from the Ponte Dom Luis I bridge. The bells of Porto’s many historic churches ringing and the seagulls signing make the sunsets at this old part of the city absolutely enchanting.

The Windy City

Downtown Toronto, as seen from the topmost visitable floor (“SkyPod”) of CN Tower. Taken in April 2011.