Middle of Nowhere

Shot at Erlaufboden in Austria, a tiny village in the heart of the mountains, in the middle of nowhere.

Austrian Sunset

Shot at the western hills of Vienna, in the Penzing district.


Westbahnhof train station in Vienna, Austria. This is a manual blend of two exposures.

Where I am, When I am

Three years ago on this day I created Imaginion, and to be honest, I was not confident that I could keep it alive this long. But it happened, and I hope this doesn’t end anytime soon. Thank you for still visiting this place! The photo is a two part time-lapse view from my apartment in Vienna. This city does…

Hills of Vienna

Kahlenberg hills northwest of Vienna, Austria. This is a 6 part panorama. Purchase prints of this photo here

Spectacular Green

Taken from the Kahlenberg hill at the north west of Vienna, Austria.