Lake Geneva at Dusk

Lake Geneva at dusk, as seen from the town of Montreux in Switzerland, looking south. The border with France passes through the middle part of the mountains seen in the background and through the lake. This is the combination of 6 long exposure (30 seconds) photos. Imaginion turns 2 today, so I thought I would…


Love it when light shafts form at sunset like that. The mountains with their varying shades of haziness made the scene all the more beautiful. Took this somewhere between Kashan and Qom in Iran, on my way to Tehran. Can’t remember the exact location though.

Porto at Sunset

An evening in Porto in early October 2012. I took this from the Ponte Dom Luis I bridge. The bells of Porto’s many historic churches ringing and the seagulls signing make the sunsets at this old part of the city absolutely enchanting.

The First Day of Spring

I took this at Boundary Road which is the boundary between Vancouver and Burnaby in BC, facing west. The music below is a piece named The First Day of Spring by Mehdi, which I first heard 7 years ago. Both melancholy and hopeful, the music fits the name so well. download: The First Day of…

Heavenly Lands

The setting Sun casting golden rays on the town of Banff in Alberta, Canada. I took this from Sulphur Mountain in Spring 2012. Prints of this can be purchased here. For licensing you can visit this page.

Serenity 3: Blur

Sunset at Rocky Point park in Port Moody, British Columbia. This body of water is called Burrard Inlet which stretches all the way to the Strait of Georgia, which is connected to the Pacific Ocean. I used an exposure time of 30 seconds to get this blurry water effect. “Nocturne” by Daft Punk on Tron…

Stairway to Paradise

On the way to Sulphur Mountain’s peak. Taken in June 2012, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Departing 3

English Bay, Vancouver July 2012 “Playing Love” by Ennio Morricone

Departing 2

Flying over British Columbia to Vancouver. Spring 2012


Taken at Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver. download music: Sunset (Solo Piano)


A spectacular sunset with dark clouds, light, and water blending with the horizon. Taken at Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver. download music: Frederic Chopin Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4

Metro Lights

Looking west at a breathtaking sunset, from Georgia and Granville, Downtown Vancouver. download music: Life In Technicolor II

Come, Fly…

Sunset at English Bay, Downtown Vancouver. download music: “Winter Song” by Cheryl Ann Fulton on “The Once and Future Harp”


Sunset at English Bay, Downtown Vancouver. download music: “I Was Lost Without You” by Sam Hulick on Mass Effect 3 – Original Soundtrack


Sunset at English Bay, Downtown Vancouver.