Up the Niederhorn

Shot from the Niederhorn mountain in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland.


Justistal (Justis Valley) in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland. August 2013.

Crops of Gold

Wheat farms near lake Breinz, east of the town Interlaken in Switzerland. August 2013.

The Descent

Taken from the téléphérique, west of the town of Montreux in Switzerland, as we were descending back to Lake Geneva, at dusk.

Swiss Farms

Took this on a train from Lausanne to Martigny at sunset. August 2013.


Taken on the way to the Niderhorn peak at the north west of the town Interlaken in Switzerland, looking south towards the town itself, Lake Thun (Thunersee), and the high peaks (4000 meters and more) of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, which are the three peaks visible in the distance, from left to right. This is…

Justis Valley

The Justis valley (original German name: Justistal) in Switzerland, as seen from the Niederhorn at 1950 meters elevation.

Lake Geneva at Dusk

Lake Geneva at dusk, as seen from the town of Montreux in Switzerland, looking south. The border with France passes through the middle part of the mountains seen in the background and through the lake. This is the combination of 6 long exposure (30 seconds) photos. Imaginion turns 2 today, so I thought I would…